Giant Checkers (5’x5′)


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Giant Checkers is 2 player game with the goal being to kill all of the opponents pieces by jumping over them.


Number of Players:


Play Space:



“Chess for peasants”

Giant Checkers is 2 player game with the goal being to kill all of the opponent’s pieces by jumping over them.

Dimensions : 5 x 5 ft

Recommended Play Space : 7 x 7 ft

Rules :

  • Played on a 8 x 8 black and white checkered board with corresponding black and white pieces.
  • Each player chooses the color pieces they wish to play with. The black pieces can only be moved forward along the diagonals of the white spaces with the inverse being true for the white pieces and black spaces.
  • A player cannot jump their own piece.
  • Multiple jumps can be achieved as long as there are empty spaces to accommodate the temporary existence of a piece in that space.
  • Only 1 piece can occupy a space at a time with the exception being for a piece that has been navigated from its starting position to the last horizontal plane on the opponent’s side of the board, in which time will have another piece of the same color stacked on top of it to indicate that it is a king.
  • Kings are the only pieces that can be moved in either a forward or backward motion but must still move along the designated diagonals it started on.
  • A victory is called when one player no longer has any pieces on the board or the player with the most pieces left assuming no moves can be made.


History: Sometimes called “Draughts” in other parts of the world, this popular game has been played for thousands of years with variants being found or described in places ranging from Egypt to Hawaii.